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Dave Roos


Dave Roos

School: University of California at Davis, 1961

Special Interests: surgery, reproduction, skin and making sure the morale stays high at Adobe

Pets: None, Sandy and I are gone too much. I have all yours.

I always wanted to be a veterinarian. I have no idea why. It was not based on knowing anything about what a veterinarian does. As a kid, I devoured all the books at the public library. In those days, almost everything was an animal story. Flicka, Thunderhead, the Black Stallion, Alberet Payson Terune’s books on the collie. I also had no idea how to get along with people and didn’t know that being a vet had lots to do with people. And we were a somewhat cold family so I knew that working on people was not my idea of a good time. So, naturally, I wanted to work on animals. School was no fun for me. The only class I enjoyed was auto shop. So the summer after my senior year of high school, I went to work as a beginner in the basement of what in now Whole Foods in Palo Alto. It was Paddlefords Body Shop. Working there convinced me to go to college.

I graduated from Davis in 1961 and took my pregnant, beautiful, Italian wife and our first child back to New York to do an internship. Sandy had premature labor and we had to cut our internship and come back. I worked in Merced next as a cow vet. I loved cows but my boss and I didn’t see eye to eye and I decided I was not cut out to work for anyone. I leased a practice in Salinas, which taught me that I don’t like the fog belt. We knew that Los Altos was a lovely town and we purchased a tiny lot on First Street and opened the doors of Adobe Animal Hospital on February 4, 1964. Life and the clientele of Adobe have been very good to me. I still love being a vet and being around al the smart young ones at Adobe. I still keep learning and maturing. My wonderful wife is still putting up with me and we have 5 kids and 6 grand kids.

My personal voicemail: (650) 209 – 9353