Adobe and SAGE are partnering!

SAGE is now our sister hospital, but Adobe will continue to operate the same way, still be an open hospital and you will still work with the same people.  We will continue to refer people to Sage for specialty care and we will take care of everything else here.

Not familiar with SAGE? Here’s a bit about them:

SAGE is the leading veterinarian owned and medicine led specialty and emergency veterinary provider on the West Coast.  With over 550 dedicated veterinarians and supporting staff members across Northern California, Washington and Alaska, SAGE is committed to providing the highest standard of clinical veterinary care to over 60,000 patients annually.  SAGE provides a full range of specialty services and treatments for pets, including oncology, cardiology, neurology, internal medicine, and surgery, as well as 24/7 emergency care.  SAGE’s state-of-the-art hospitals, which rival those of human health, are equipped with the most advanced technology and veterinary diagnostic, treatment, and surgical tools. 

Why would Adobe consider SAGE as a partner?

Since the mid-90s, the veterinarians and staff at SAGE and Adobe have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship to provide the best comprehensive care possible for their patients.  Adobe’s culture and values align with SAGE and both are committed to providing a high standard of care to pets.  For SAGE’s first foray into general practice, Adobe offers tremendous and trusted expertise that SAGE may rely on as they continue to expand.

What do people from SAGE and Adobe have to say about this partnership?

“We consider Adobe’s veterinary services to be its own specialty and an integral portion of the continuum of care.  We recognize and respect the ‘triad of care’ between a pet parent, primary veterinarian and emergency/specialty veterinarian.   This continuity of care between all three ensures the best possible outcome for the pet. Our core philosophy has always been to improve care coordination and create a collaborative, integrated care approach focused on improving overall pet care,” stated Wendi Velando Rankin, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Oncology), SAGE’s Chief Medical Officer

Summer Burke-Irmiter, MBA from Adobe added, “Our partnership is based on a shared passion to offer the best comprehensive pet care to all of the pets in the Bay Area.  Together SAGE and Adobe are dedicated to promoting the highest quality of care along with a compassionate pet parent experience.  Our two amazing teams will combine our knowledge, passion and experience to make us the premier vet hospitals in our communities and in our industry.”

“SAGE is beyond excited to partner with the talented, experienced and dedicated leadership team at Adobe.  The Adobe team brings primary care expertise, efficient operational experience and an outstanding reputation that will assist in fostering new and innovative growth opportunities,” said Gina Del Vecchio, Chief Executive Officer at SAGE.  “Together, we establish ourselves as the premier independent veterinary practice in the country, well along the path of becoming the Mayo Clinic of veterinary medicine.”