Changes to Adobe Services due to COVID-19 Response

Changes to Adobe Services due COVID-19 Response 3/15/2020

Adobe is making the following changes to our services in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are following recommendations laid out by the CDC and Santa Clara Dept. of Public Health. We are finding creative ways to help you take care of your pets while keeping you and our staff as safe and healthy as possible.  Please be patient with us as the requirements are changing daily and our staff, like you, are impacted by school closing and family health concerns.

If you need urgent care for your pet or are sick or quarantined, please check out how to safely get help for your pet, See Rules during COVID-19

Our urgent care services remain available 24/7

If your pet is sick, please check in with our chat team at to confirm your pet needs to be seen. Please let us know if you or anyone in your family is ill, quarantined or exposed to COVID-19 so that we can help your pet and protect our staff

We are leaving our schedule open for pets who are ill or need to be seen for chronic medical conditions.

If your pet is scheduled to be seen for a medical problem, we are NOT postponing appointments if at all possible. You may be rescheduled with a different doctor but we are doing our best to make sure pets with significant medical issues can be seen promptly.

We are in the process of expanding our Video Visits and Remote Advice Services

Please check out our main website. for the most up to date information about our Video Visits and Advice services.

We are postponing annual exams and routine wellness care in order to prioritize care for sick patients.

If you have an annual exam scheduled for the next 2-4 weeks, expect that we will call to cancel it. We ask you to call us back in 2 weeks to see if we are able to reschedule.

We are postponing elective procedures

If your pet is scheduled for a spay, neuter, benign growth removal or non-urgent dental procedure, expect that we will cancel and ask you to call back in 2-4 weeks to reschedule.

We are limiting our open hospital policy until the restrictions around COVID-19 are lifted. 

We are limiting visits to ICU patients to TWO 30 min visits per day.  Only immediate family members will be allowed to visit and no more than 3 visitors total.  Additionally, we are not able to allow owners to be present during surgical or diagnostic procedures. If you are ill or exposed to someone who was ill, we will ask you to remain in your car while we evaluate and treat your pet. You will remain fully informed or our findings and as involved in decision making for your pet as you have always been.