Did you hear?!  We are expanding a few of our services!  

 We are excited to announce that we are expanding a few services that were limited or paused during the pandemic.  The expanded services include: 

  • Re-opening of Medical Boarding!  We are very excited to announce that we are re-opening medical boarding to our Adobe patients! Our ICU technicians will take care of our boarding patients 24 hours a day, give them any medications they need and make sure they are happy and healthy while their owners are away. See our Medical Boarding page to see if your pet qualifies, costs and how to make a reservation! 
  • Chicken Patients: Welcome Back! We are now seeing scheduled appointments for chickens at both locations.  Please check in with our chat team for appointment availability for your chicken.  Must be a current client of Adobe for an appt. 
  • Dr Nakamura is seeing more appointments in Adobe South Bay!  Dr Nakamura has been with Adobe for the last 24 years and sees both scheduled exams and video visits for your dogs, cats, pocket pets and reptiles!  Talk with our chat team to schedule a visit with Dr Nakamura for your furry or scaled pet. And don’t worry, Dr Nakamura is still doing video visits 5 days a week in the afternoon.  Must be a current client for a reptile appt.