Dr. Kerri Shandro

Dr. Kerri Shandro

School: University of California at Davis, 1999

Special Interests: general medicine and surgery for cats and dogs, abdominal ultrasound, and dentistry

Piper, Phoebe, Reuben (the dachshund pack), Chester (domestic short hair cat), flock of backyard chickens

I grew up in Alberta, Canada and spent the first 25 years of my life being cold. Despite the bitter, long winters, I really was fortunate to grow up in wide, open spaces with plenty of animal friends. After high school, I detoured veterinary medicine for awhile and worked as a legal secretary for seven years, while pursuing my hobbies of training/showing Arabian horses and German sheperd dogs. Family members gradually migrated south to California, and when it was my turn to trade in the snow drifts for palm trees, it was also the right time to switch gears and head back to school to finish my original intention of studying veterinary medicine. I was really fortunate to have great mentors along my academic road, who not only helped guide me when my goal seemed too far away to be realized, but also stressed the importance of maintaining a balanced life with a good sense of humor. 

My love for horses pulled me strongly towards large animal medicine, but ultimately it was the challenge of small animal medicine that became more appealing, and when I met the Adobe group in 1999 I felt like things were a great fit and have enjoyed being part of the team since then. Outside of work I enjoy being outdoors, especially doing things with the dogs. My dachshund pack participates in performance events such as earth dog, dachshund field trials, tracking and nose work. The remainder of my spare time is usually focused on hiking, cooking, and gardening.