Exotic Pet Medicine and Surgery

Exotic Pet Medicine and Surgery

We see more than just dogs and cats at Adobe!  We have doctors that will see your birds, chickens, chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes, turtles and more for appointments!  Call us today and see which of our doctors can help your feathered, shelled or scaled pet and to make sure we have a doctor available to see your specific type of pet. Our hospitals also have special lab machines and equipment for these pets.

Please call 650-948-9661 to confirm there is a veterinarian on duty during the day to help with your exotic pet.  

We can provide supportive care and treatment for the following urgent conditions, if we have an available doctor during the day:

  • GI Stasis in Rabbits and Guinea Pigs who have not eaten in more than 12 hours
  • Severe coughing, sneezing and breathing problems
  • Non Surgical Wound care: antibiotics and pain control for traumatic injuries
  • Evaluating if patients can be cared for at home or need hospitalization
  • Euthanasia for pets that are suffering

We can provide the following medical interventions:

  • Oxygen support
  • Fluid therapy
  • Nutritional support
  • Antibiotics
  • Pain control
  • Hospitalization overnight and transfer to an exotics veterinarian in the morning if one is available.



How can I find out if there is a veterinarian on duty at the Los Altos or Los Gatos location who can see my Small Mammal? Please call 650-948-9661 between 8am-5pm.

Why can’t you guarantee that there is a veterinarian on every day that sees Small Mammals? Not all of our doctors are comfortable seeing exotics and we want to make sure if you come in, you and your pet will be well taken of.  Also, some doctors only have experience with certain species.  

Are the veterinarians on during the day exotics specialists? No, none of our veterinarians are exotics specialists. Many Adobe veterinarians have a special interest and extensive experience treating exotic species.

If the Veterinarian on duty isn’t an exotic specialist or has limited experience with exotic species, do all the usual fees apply? Yes. All the usual fees apply.

Is there a veterinarian on duty at Adobe that can see exotics overnight? Unfortunately, we do not have overnight doctors at this time.  We have a great team of ICU technicians that stay with hospitalized or boarding pets, but they can not examine or admit patients.