Help Us Celebrate Vet Tech Week!

The week of October 17-23, 2021 has been set aside as National Veterinary Technician Week to celebrate, recognize, and promote the valuable contributions that veterinary technicians and assistants make to the veterinary profession and society.

Veterinary Technicians and assistants are integral players on the veterinary healthcare team.  They are on the frontlines, compassionately working with clients whose beloved animals need care.  They work tirelessly in exam rooms, labs, and operating rooms, putting to work their vast technical and scientific knowledge treating and caring for every species of animal.  Their broad skills – both professional and personal – allow veterinarians to work more efficiently and effectively.  And they do it all with love and a smile, day after day. 

Please help us in celebrating our techs and assistants this week!  Feel free to send us a chat about how much you appreciate our team or a specific tech that has helped you out.  Hearing from clients means a ton to our team! 

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