Adobe RVT Student Internship

Adobe RVT Student Internship

RVT Student Internship Experience At Adobe

For RVT & Assistant Students

We are looking for RVT students that are “superheroes” in the making! Here at Adobe, we have developed a program for Veterinary Technician students in which they are individually rotated through all of Adobe’s different departments along side one of our experienced technician’s for a one on one learning experience. Department rotations allow for exposure to a wide variety of different technical skills and medical cases. These different departments include – Outpatient Services, Urgent Care and Day ER, Pharmacy, Radiology, Surgery, ICU, and South Bay.

Set You Up For Success!

RVT Internship Benefits & Perks

Mentors – During your internship, you will be partnered with an experienced Veterinary Assistant or RVT. This will allow you to learn side by side with professionals who may have started right where you are!

Rotate Departments –Adobe offers a wide variety of care so we are able to rotate you through each department based on your school curriculum. For example, during your pharmacology class you will rotate through our pharmacy department staffed with Certified Pharmacy Technicians.

Culture of helping each other out – You can ask any tech or doctor for help at any time. We all ask each other for help all the time, regardless of our years of experience. Teamwork is part of our culture! 


Scholarships – Paid internships plus scholarships for school fees! See below for more info!

Rabies Vaccine Paid For – All RVT interns are eligible for reimbursement for rabies vaccine series*. Up to a $1400.00 value!

Discounted Pet Care – 20% professional discount on Veterinary Services at Adobe Animal Hospital during internship.

RVT Benefits – Get help with RVT testing. When you pass, you get a $2,000 bonus and a $6/hr raise! That’s over $14,000 additional a year your first years working as a full time RVT based on what you are making now! If you go on to get your VTS, get $10/hr on top of your base wage!

Our Commitment To You As An RVT Intern


Unique Experiences At Adobe


We will help you get every skill checked off your list! 

Our Intern Coordinator, Kelly Sinkula, and our medical team will help make sure you get every skill checked off of your RVT list!  Work closely with an amazing team to support you through our internship goals!

We take on 3-5 interns every quarter/semester throughout the year. Let us know where you are at on your skills list and we will make sure you get the skills you need to graduate and take your test.  Have a special interest not on your skills list?  Let our Internship Coordinator know about that and we will see how we can work that into your schedule. 

Scholarships for RVT Students

We understand working & going to school is demanding

Scholarship options – We created different levels for our scholarships based on how many internships hours you have available.  We know that hours may vary based on the classes you are taking and what is going on in your life.  Pick the level that works for you each quarter/semester.  You are still eligible for full pay, differentials and benefits while also earning extra money for school! Scholarship covers tuition, books, parking, health center fees, ect.

Scholarships Options 1-4

Scholarship Option 1

    1. Work 30-40 hours a week as a full team member/employee
    2. With this option, you are eligible for a full scholarship up to $5,000 for reimbursement of all school related costs. You will also be eligible for all Adobe benefits including medical, dental and employee pet discount. 3.0 GPA needed each semester.  

Scholarship Option 2

    1. Work 24 hours a week as a full team member/employee
    2. With this option you are eligible for a scholarship of $2,500 for reimbursement of school supplies. You will be eligible for Adobe’s part time benefits including partial sick and vacation time along with a full employee pet discount. 3.0 GPA needed each semester.

Scholarship Option 3

    1. Work 16 hours a week as a full team member/employee
    2. This option comes with up to a $1,200 scholarship for reimbursement of school supplies. 3.0 GPA needed each semester.

Scholarship Option 4

    1. This position is perfect if you are not able to commit to Adobe as an employee and need more flexibility with scheduling. You will also have ample opportunity to observe cases during your internship time. You will be reimbursed for one textbook at the end of each school semester you are with us. You will also get one free exam for one of your pets each calendar year you are with us.

Meet Your Internship Coordinator Kelly Sinkula

From Kelly Sinkula, RVT

“I just wanted to touch base and introduce myself. I have recently taken on the intern coordinator responsibilities for Adobe.

I am also the medical care manager for our South Bay location and I have been with Adobe for almost 25*yrs. I actually started here as a Foothill intern myself. Before moving to South Bay, I worked in the ICU and emergency for 18yrs and managed both departments for 16y with 2 other RVT managers. For 2 of those years we also managed the Surgery Dept. I currently split my time between office tasks and being on the floor as the surgery technician here. I am also on the interview team performing our veterinary skill assessment for any potential hire with experience, a process I helped develop.”

*Kelly is about to celebrate her 25 years at Adobe by taking a Hawaii vacation to swim with the dolphins! This is a Long Term Team Member Award Adobe gives at 25 years.
Dog getting ear exam

Join Our RVT & Assistant Student Intern Team To Make A Superhero Sized Difference In The Lives of Pets Today!

Still deciding? We are happy to give any RVT and Vet Assistants a tour with one of our RVTs to see if Adobe is the right place for you! Email Megan Hacker, Hiring Manager ([email protected]) to schedule a tour Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm.