Medical Boarding

Medical Boarding

1Our ICU technicians will take care of our boarding patients 24 hours a day, give them any medications they need and make sure they are happy and healthy while their owners are away.

Criteria for Client Medical Boarding

Patients with following conditions will be allowed to board:

  • Heart disease requiring medication
  • Diabetics
  • Epileptic
  • Hyperthyroid
  • Addisonian
  • IMHA / ITP
  • Renal patients on SC Fluids
  • Complicated nursing needs – megaesophagus (elevated feeding), sling walking / in a cart, down dogs, neurologically inappropriate patients.
  • Recently hospitalized patients – owners are out of town when patient would normally be discharged, etc.
  • Any disease process that potentially is not yet controlled or is still in the process of being monitored (cats recently hospitalized and are at risk of reblocking, etc).
  • Chemo patients (oral chemo medications only)
  • Whelping bitches (these patients are generally told it is better to stay at home, but if no one is home they need to be able to board. -J.Johnson)
  • For the time being we won’t be boarding exotics due to the limited number of veterinarians who treat them.
  • The boarding of aggressive animals will be at the discretion of the ICU Manager and boarding committee. The committee will work with the doctor(s) in charge of that patient’s care to try and determine the best option for that patient’s care (for example: giving the pet anxiolytics/ sedation while here, etc.)

Boarding Costs:

  • Medical Boarding: $172/day plus an additional $12 for each medication administered per day*

*Not the number of different medications, but how often they are administered. For example, if your pet has one medication that needs to be administered three times a day the cost would be $172 + $36 = $208/day. “

Boarding Scheduling Procedure

Clients can request boarding directly by two different routes:

Leave a message at (650) 209-9385
Email: [email protected]

All patients must be up to date on their physical exam to board.

Have a healthy pet and are looking for boarding?  Please see one of the amazing local boarding facilities the Bay Area has to offer.  Since many of these boarding facilities can’t take care of sick pets or those with complicated diseases or medications, we reserve our boarding for those pets with specific medical needs.  Thank you for understanding.