Virtual Demos With A Tech

Adobe is pleased to be offering virtual visits with a Technician! Live virtual demos are a simple and stress-free way to learn how to do things at home, in the comfort of your home, for your pet. Meet Angelica who will be your Live Demo Tech!

My name is Angelica Aconfora and I am one of Adobe’s Registered Veterinary Technicians! I graduated from a 4-year Veterinary Nursing program at Murray State University in 2015 and completed internships in small, large, and exotic animal medicine. I have been actively working in the Veterinary field for 7 years. After almost 2 years in the Bay Area where I spent 16 months working in Adobe’s Intensive Care Unit, I relocated to Charleston, SC where I now reside and work as a member of the remote team! Providing clients with trusted comprehensive medical advice is a huge passion of mine and I am grateful for the opportunity to help you and your pets from the comfort of your home. When I am not working you can find me in the gym, at the beach, or reading a good book.

Visit our Virtual Demo Page for more information and how Angelica can help you and your pet at home.