Video Visits

Video Visits

Video Visits – Schedule Online!

Save time by avoiding crazy Bay Area traffic, bypass stuffing your cat in a carrier and circumvent anxious wait times in the exam rooms. And still get the great, veterinary care you expect from Adobe.

*Health exam within 1 year at Adobe required to do video visits

Video Visit How-To Guide


Confirm your pet has had an exam with any Adobe doctor in the last year and that your pet has one of the eligible health issue.  Our chat team can help you with that!.


Schedule Video Visits by clicking on the  purple “Video Visit”  button at the top of this page to fill out a request form, or by chatting live with an Adobe team member to schedule.


Use a camera-equipped smartphone to have a video call to talk with Dr. Lau or Dr. Nakamura, explain what is going on with Fluffy or Fido, and get recommendations right over the phone.

For Common and Minor Health Issues

  • Post Surgical Rechecks
  • Preventative Care
  • Limping-Sudden Onset
  • Urinary Issues-Female Pets Only
  • Diarrhea-Starting in the last 2-3 days
  • Hospice/End of Life Care
  • Coughing-Starting in the last 72 hours
  • Respiratory Infections-Cats Only
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Skin Issues/Rashes/Biting/Licking
  • Vomiting-Chronic morning or bile vomiting
  • Ear Infection-No known exposure to fox tails

For more detailed information about each of these items see Video Visit Triage List.

Life’s Busy. We’re Here for You.

Video Visits can be done at home, at the park or while traveling!

*Only available to pets with a current health exam at Adobe

Assess Your Condition

If your pet’s condition requires a hands-on exam, go to urgent care or emergency. Video Visits are an exciting new service that will help many issues and many pets, but sometimes a hands on exam is still needed. Please understand if our video visit doctors refer you to come into the hospital if they feel a video visit isn’t enough for your pet.

Video Visits are not meant for emergencies. Go to the the nearest hospital or emergency vet, even if it’s not Adobe, if your pet has symptoms like suddenly they can’t walk, paralysis, loss of consciousness, severe pain, shortness of breath, panting, severe abdominal pain, abdominal bloating, difficulty urinating (especially in males), uncontrolled bleeding, seizures or any other urgent care need.

What to Expect for Your Video Visit

Before Your Visit

After scheduling your appt online through the video visit button at the top of the page, our team will text you directions and a video link.  You don’t need to download anything!

For your safety and comfort, choose a quiet and well-lit space for your video appointment. For optimal connectivity, make sure you have a strong wireless or cellular connection.

Technical Issues

In the event, you are having technical issues and can’t connect, please contact our CSR team via Chat or by calling the hospital before to your scheduled appointment. A member of the team will assist you.

Video Visit Costs

Video visits cost a flat fee of $110 for each visit, whether it’s a post hospital recheck or a new behavioral issue. If you need to go to Adobe for the same issue that was discussed during the video visit, you will be charged the appropriate recheck fee (urgent care recheck, scheduled recheck, ect). Medications or tests done in the hospital are not included in the video visit fee.

Video Visit Hours

Video visits are available 7 days a week, including weekends!