Volunteering & Internships

Volunteering & Internships



Shadowing At Adobe

Do you tell everybody that you want to be a vet when you grow up? Curious about what really happens behind the scenes at a hospital?  Want a taste of veterinary medicine to see if working at Adobe is the right thing for you?  Then consider shadowing a doctor or technician at Adobe!

Shadowing opportunities are a great way to really experience Adobe.  You are paired up with a doctor or technician for 4 hours and you go everywhere they go! You will go into rooms to watch them give medical exams on patients, see the technicians draw blood or give vaccines and you might even get to see a surgical procedure!

To help our doctors and techs focus on our patients and clients while still giving you a great learning experience, we do have a few requirements for shadowing:

  • Must be 14 years or older
  • Must have parents permission.  Sorry parents, you don’t get to join.
  • Be able to take direction from the medical team both for your safety and the safety and comfort of our clients and patients
  • Be okay with the site of blood Not sure if you are? That’s okay, but know you might see some.
  • Love animals and people

Please email Casey L at caseyl@adobestaff.com to see if we have any shadow spots open.  In your email please include all the days and times you are available (the more times you offer the more likely we can fit you in) and if you have a special interest.   Shadowing is done at both locations.


Unfortunately we don’t offer any volunteer opportunities at this time.  We haven’t been able to find a way to have volunteers and still meet the California Labor Laws surrounding this.  Just because you can’t volunteer with us though, doesn’t mean you can’t still work with animals!

Here are a few ideas if you want to work with animals:

  • Get a job at Adobe!  We have positions open to 16 year old students and older!
  • Check out our local humane societies, shelters and animal controls for opportunities.
  • We have some amazing rescues in the area that could use your help and support.

Not sure how you could help a local rescue group?  Here are some ideas to consider before giving them a call.  Check out their websites for more info about what specific groups need.

  • Foster a pet
  • Help at adoption fairs
  • Walk foster dogs, take them for hikes or play ball with them
  • Clean up litter boxes or back yards for those fostering
  • Help with fundraisers
  • Spread the word about events and pets they are trying to adopt
  • Volunteer to petsit for foster parents so they can go out of town

How can a foster parent make a difference?  It did for my Sugaree!

This is my dog, Sugaree, who came from the Germand Shepherd Rescue of Northern California.  Her foster parent brought her into Adobe to be seen by Dr Jane Johnson over 6 years ago.  The CSRs knew I was looking for a GShep and hadn’t found the right one after months of searching.  I instantly fell in love with Sugaree when I met her in the lobby.  She was super curious, friendly and so talkative!  She wouldn’t have come into my life if her foster parent hadn’t taken her in for the rescue group.  Another reason why I promote supporting our rescue groups with your volunteer efforts!


Superhero Internships

On your way to becoming a Superhero? Check out Adobe’s Program for RVT and Vet Assistant Students!




Here at Adobe, we have developed a program for Veterinary Technician students in which they are individually rotated through all of Adobe’s different departments along side one of our experienced technician’s for a one on one learning experience. Department rotations allow for exposure to a wide variety of different technical skills and medical cases. These different departments include – Outpatient Services, Pharmacy, Radiology, Surgery, ICU, and South Bay.

If you are currently enrolled in an RVT or Vet Assistant program and would like to intern or work with us, please choose one of options below based on your schedule availability/flexibility, the commitment you can make to Adobe and if you would like to be eligible for one of our scholarship programs.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your learning experience with us!

Internship and Scholarship Options

Option 1- Work 30-40 hours a week as a full team member/employee

· With this option, you are eligible for a full scholarship up to $5,000 for reimbursement of all school related costs. You will also be eligible for all Adobe benefits including medical, dental and employee pet discount. 3.0 GPA needed each semester.  

Option 2- Work 24 hours a week as a full team member/employee

· With this option you are eligible for a scholarship of $2,500 for reimbursement of school supplies. You will be eligible for Adobe’s part time benefits including partial sick and vacation time along with a full employee pet discount. 3.0 GPA needed each semester. 

Option 3- Work 16 hours a week as a full team member/employee

· This option comes with up to a $1,200 scholarship for reimbursement of school supplies. 3.0 GPA needed each semester. 

Option 4- Internship only


This position is perfect if you are not able to commit to Adobe as an employee and need more flexibility with scheduling. You will also have ample opportunity to observe cases during your internship time. You will be reimbursed for one textbook at the end of each school semester you are with us. You will also get one free exam for one of your pets each calendar year you are with us.


Difference between becoming an employee and an intern?

As an employee you are 100% part of the team and enjoy the benefits that come along with being an employee. Your team counts on you so you are scheduled out at least one month in advance for shifts and vacation/sick or trades need to be used for time off. The team gets to know and trust you on a different level as an employee so they are likely to feel comfortable grabbing you early on to help. Learning experiences will be worked into your regular workday. Your wage will be minimum $15.35/hour but could be more based on where you fall on the skills list.

As an intern you have more flexibility with your schedule and to more your days around at the last minute to accommodate studying and school. You will be eligible to jump into teaching experiences easily as well. Interns are paid $15.35/hour.

Both interns and team members/employees will receive a $3/hr differential for any hours worked on a weekday! And food is also provided on weekends.

Please indicate in your cover letter which option you would like to be considered for based on the number of hours and commitment you can make to Adobe.

*Due to our level of commitment to our interns, our patients and clients, this opportunity is limited to those currently in a Vet Assistant or RVT program that allows or requires an internship or externship.